Project Manager

  • Post Date: February 16, 2017
Job Description

Job Specification                                                                           


Job Title:                   Project Manager

Location:                  Gulu, Uganda

Department:          Trócaire Uganda

Date:                         February 2017


Description of the unit / department Trócaire is one of Ireland’s leading INGO’s, with over 40 years of experience in international development. Trócaire works through a partnership approach and is a member of worldwide networks such as Caritas and CIDSE. This is an exciting time in the history of the organisation as it embarks on its strategic plan for 2016-2020. In Uganda Trócaire is working to deliver the new plan focusing on resource rights and gender based violence.


In 2015, the Trócaire Uganda office secured a grant from the Democratic Governance Facility (DGF) to implement a pilot 12-month research project on the Protection of Rights to Customary Land in Acholi. This was followed in 2016 by a further 18-month grant. The project is being implemented in partnership with the Joint Acholi Sub Region Leaders Forum (JASLF) who provide technical guidance and support to the project through the Technical Committee its Secretariat.

Background to the Role The goal of the project is to strengthen the security of customary and communal land tenure in Acholiland through piloting new approaches based on research, consultation and advocacy. The project researches how Acholi customary and communal land is controlled, managed and administered, by and for whom; investigates legal mechanisms to secure customary land rights; and creates awareness of the findings and implications of the research.


The current project implementation period runs to December 2017, with a total budget of approximately €650,000.


The current role carries full responsibility for the effective and efficient implementation of the project, including the production of final narrative and financial reports.

Reporting to Programme Director, Trócaire Uganda


Project Coordinator (who, in turn, manages a team of six, four of whom are direct reports – Research Coordinator, M&E Officer, Finance & Admin Officer, Communications Officer)
Contract Type Fixed
Contract Duration 10 months (to end of January, 2018). Continuation of work after that date is dependent on the availability of funding.
Grade and Scale Grade 6 (Salary ranges between UGX75m to UGX129M per annum)
Location of Position Gulu, Uganda (with field visits in the Acholi region and office visits to Kampala)
Safeguarding Participants Trócaire is committed to Safeguarding Programme Participants from exploitation and Abuse.  The successful candidate will be expected to sign and adhere to Trócaire Safeguarding Policies.  In addition, the successful candidate will be expected to complete a Self-Declaration Form. 
Scope of the Role The Project Manager will be based in the Trócaire Gulu office and will work exclusively on the DGF funded project “Piloting the Protection of Rights of Customary Land in Acholi”. The Project Manager will work in close collaboration with Trócaire Kampala office and specifically the Resource Rights programme. S/he will, in addition to leading implementation on behalf of Trócaire, be the key liaison person with the JASLF. S/he will be responsible for building and maintaining effective relationships with the project partners and, in conjunction with the Trócaire Country Management Team, with the DGF. Contributing to the implementation and documentation of the Trócaire Uganda Resource Rights Programme will also be important.


The principal working relationship is with the Project Coordinator, who in turn manages the project team (six people, of whom four are direct reports).

Duties & Responsibilities




The Project Manager has overall responsibility, and is accountable to the Country Programme Manager, for all aspects of the management, implementation and administration of the project. The Project Manager will lead on certain elements and delegate others to the Project Coordinator:


Leading on:


Strategic Relationships

1.     Establish and maintain close and regular contact with the Joint Acholi Sub-Region Leaders’ Forum, ensuring that the Forum is briefed on all project developments, and is consulted appropriately on matters of project content and implementation.

2.     With the support of the Country Programme Manager and Resource Rights team in Kampala, develop and maintain regular contact with the relevant officials in the Ministry of Land, Housing and Urban Development, ensuring that the Ministry is kept updated on project progress.

3.     Develop and maintain strong and regular contact with relevant personnel in the Democratic Governance Facility, remaining abreast of changes in DGF thinking and strategy, and ensuring they in turn are kept up to date with major developments in the project.

  1. Ensure the maintenance of a working partnership with government offices at regional, zonal and district government offices within Acholiland at district and sub county level.


Project Management, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation

1.     Ensure all project activities, including procurement and asset disposal, are fully compliant with guidelines defined by DGF and/or Trócaire, and with the outcomes, activities, budget and timeframe indicated in the DGF contract.

2.     Bring any deviation from the original plan to the attention of the Trócaire Kampala office in advance of making any changes.

3.     Prepare, for approval by the Country Management Team, quarterly narrative and financial reports following templates and guidelines provided by DGF.

4.     On a monthly basis, review the project workplan, adjusting as necessary to ensure timely implementation and completion of the project.

  1. Prepare cost estimates for each quarter in advance and submit to CMT for approval.
  2. Ensure that any deviations from the budget agreed in the DGF contract are communicated in advance to the Trócaire Kampala office so that approval can be obtained from DGF as per the contract.

7.     Ensure timely technical support is provided, drawing on Trócaire Kampala office, Trócaire Head Office, JASLF Technical Committee, JASLF Advisory Committee or consultancy backstopping support where appropriate.

  1. Plan and coordinate a final evaluation in collaboration with the CMT and Resource Rights Team
  2. If required, develop a new proposal for a follow-on phase of DGF funding, ensuring timely delivery of a high-quality document.
  3. Ensure accountability and transparency to all stakeholders in project implementation.



Human Resource Management

1.     Ensure the timely completion of staff performance assessments in accordance with Trócaire guidelines.

2.     Ensure that staff are producing monthly workplans and that these are being submitted to and signed off by line managers.


Financial Management

  1. Prepare cost estimates for each quarter in advance and submit to CMT for approval.
  2. Ensure that any deviations from the budget agreed in the DGF contract are communicated in advance to the Trócaire Kampala office so that approval can be obtained from DGF as per the contract.




Delegating to Project Coordinator (the Project Manager holds overall accountability for these tasks, which are delegated to the Project Coordinator and contained in that Job Description)


Project Management

  1. Work very closely and in collaboration with JASLF Technical Committee (TC) and secretariat to ensure the appropriate technical direction of the project and that the expertise and experiences of all can be brought to the project.
  2. Task manage project staff to plan and implement project activities and ensure activities are implemented in a clear and timely way. This will include developing and regularly updating a detailed implementation plan of each component of the project.
  3. Guide the Research Co-ordinator, researchers and legal team on the development of ToR and monitor in the field the quality of the work undertaken. Report any challenges to the Project Manager in the first instance.
  4. Ensure the data gathering, analysis and reporting is gender sensitive and participatory.

5.     Ensure the maintenance of comprehensive records on the project, in compliance with the DGF contract specifications.

6.     Collaborate with all partners including the District offices, JASLF Secretariat, Technical Team, Advisory Committee, Researchers, other NGOs on the research and prepare a dissemination strategy

  1. Ensure accountability and transparency to all stakeholders in project implementation.


Human Resource Coordination

  1. Carry out performance appraisal of all direct reports, in accordance with Trócaire guidelines.


Financial Management

1.     Support the Finance Officer to prepare monthly financial plans in line with the project contract.

2.     Support the Finance Officer to produce monthly financial reports on the project.


Partner Relationships & Capacity Building

1.     Identify capacity building needs for the Joint Acholi Sub-Region Leaders Forum, and develop an appropriate plan for relevant inputs to the Forum.

2.     Provide training and accompaniment to project staff to ensure effective project implementation.

3.     Communicate regularly with project staff on issues of partnership, and participate in seeking solutions to any issues arising.

4.     Facilitate visits to the project from JASLF, Trócaire staff, donors and other relevant stakeholders.

5.     Ensure ongoing and regular engagement where with the Northern Uganda Land Platform (NULP).



1.     Ensure the documentation of learning in a way that all stakeholders in Acholiland can access resources

2.     Manage knowledge and experience coming out of this project ensuring that lessons learned will be documented and incorporated into the Trócaire Resource Rights programme

3.     Work with the JASLF Technical Committee on the recommendations coming out of the research and a clear dissemination plan.


Person Specification – Essential Requirements (E)

(E) Qualification University degree in a field related to livelihoods/ food security/ rural development
(E) Experience Project Management Experience

1.     At least 7 years’ experience in project management in a partnership context

2.     Experience of managing project budgets in the region of €1 million

3.     Experience of managing donor funds including understanding of compliance issues

4.     Experience of narrative and financial reporting to donors, specifically institutional donors

5.     Experience of on-the-job accompaniment and capacity building with local partners

Sector Experience

6.     Knowledge of land and livelihoods issues

7.     Knowledge of gender issues

8.     Knowledge of conflict sensitive and Do No Harm approaches

9.     Knowledge and understanding of the political, social and economic context in Northern Uganda

(E) Skills 1.     Strong project management skills including experience of project cycle management and participatory approaches

2.     Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including an ability to negotiate while being sensitive to a broad range of people and organisations

3.     Partnership skills including ability to coordinate activities of multiple partners

4.     Ability to think, manage and communicate strategically

5.     Ability to support and motivate project staff to achieve their full potential

6.     Excellent report-writing skills

7.     Computer literacy and familiarity with word processing, spreadsheet and database software

8.     Demonstrable fluency in written and spoken English

(E) Qualities 1.     Constructive and supportive ways of working

2.     Strong, motivating leadership

3.     Self starter with a ‘can do’ attitude

4.     Contributes to positive team working

5.     Confident and diplomatic when dealing with all levels of authority

6.     Ability to handle working under pressure

(E) Other 1.     Cultural adaptability

2.     Ability and willingness to travel regularly

3.     A commitment to Trόcaire’s vision, mission and values is essential for all staff

Person Specification – Desirable Requirements (D)

(D) Qualification Master’s degree in related field
(D) Experience 1.     Experience of working on Land Issues

2.     Experience of managing a Research Project

3.     Some knowledge of Acholi culture around land

(D) Skills 1.     Research management skills

2.     Proficiency in spoken Luo

(D) Other Full driving licence
Date: 15th February, 2017



Interested applicants should download the application form from THIS LINK , fill it and send it to


The closing date is 28th Feb 2017 and interviews on 6th and 7th Mar 2017.