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Inclusive Green Growth (IGG) for Poverty Reduction Programme




Uganda the “Pearl of Africa” is endowed with abundant natural resources upon which the economy and livelihood of over 80% of the population largely depends. However, this natural resource base is declining at an alarming rate. Four outstanding bottlenecks are hindering the national efforts in addressing the increasing degradation of natural resources, namely:

(i)  gaps in policies and legal framework for integrated/coordinated efforts in Natural Resource Management (NRM), livelihood and job creation

(ii) inadequate capacities for coherent and efficient implementation of policies on natural resources management, livelihoods and job creation, including capacities for innovation, adaptation and development of home-grown solutions

(iii)     inadequate capacities for engaging communities in natural resources management and climate change response efforts, and

(iv) Over-dependence on biomass energy sources using inefficient technologies.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in collaboration with the Ministry of Gender. Labour and Social Development (Responsible Party). Ministry of Water and Environment (Lead Implementing Partner) and other Stakeholders are implementing Inclusive Green Growth for Poverty Reduction Programme. The Programme will aim at providing technical, technological, operational and financial support to the relevant Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) and non-state institutions so that:

(a)  at the upstream level, by 2017 policies and legal/regulatory frameworks are strengthened and linked for Natural Resource Management, livelihood and job creation,

(b)  at mid-stream level, by 2018 Natural Resource Management policies and legal frameworks are operationalized in inclusive and adequately coordinated manner,

(c)  at downstream level, by 2019 the public is empowered to engage in sustainable Natural Resource Management and.

(d)  by 2020 cost-effective alternative energy solutions for domestic needs are scaled-up.

The primary beneficiaries of the project are the women (adult), youth (young females and males) and Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) especially the poor so that their productive and income generation capacities and livelihood opportunities are improved in an environmentally sustainable manner.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in collaboration with the Ministry of Gender. Labour and Social Development (Responsible Party). Ministry of Water and Environment (Lead Implementing Partner) and other Stakeholders are implementing Inclusive Green Growth for Poverty Reduction Programme. 2016 to 2020.

In line with the above, MGLSD is seeking to recruit a competent Project

Finance and Administration Officer and a Driver that v/ill effectively and efficiently assist the fully implementation of the Programme.




Position: Project Finance and Administration Officer

Reports to:    Project Focal Contact Manager in MGLSD for IGGPR

Location: Kampala Uganda

Duration: Initial duration is 2 Year Contract

The objective of the assignment is to provide administrative and finance support to the project implementation and Project Focal Contact Manager to ensure effective running of the project Management Unit


Work Responsibilities:

The Project Finance and Administration Officer will be based at Ministry of Gender. Labour & Social Development and v/ill work under the guidance and direct supervision of the MGLSD Project Focal Contact Manager. She/he is responsible for all administrative (contractual, organizational and logistical) matters under the project and provides necessary assistance to Project Management Unit in the implementation of day-to-day project activities.


Summary of Key Functions

Overall, provides all necessary support to the Project Team in the implementation of the project in accordance with the UNDP procedures, including financial-administrative aspects of the Project implementation.

Accounting and administrative support:

  1. a) Provide support in administrative issues to ensure the effective running of the project management unit:
  2. b) Assist Project Focal Contact Manager in MGLSD in:
  3. Drafting project correspondence and documents:
  4. Preparing draft job descriptions, vacancy announcements, compiling matrixes in consultation with UNDP Project Team. Implementing Partner and Responsible Parties:

iii. Under Project Manager’s coordination providing services for performance evaluation review of project personnel.

  1. Providing administrative and financial consultations to the recipients of funds supporting local initiatives for timely submitting of good quality financial reports, required by UNDP rules and procedures
  2. Undertake timely preparation of accountabilities with supporting documents on project funds advanced to MGLSD.
  3. Provide proper accounting to the project by controlling the supporting documents for payments and reviewing financial reports from Local Task Coordinators in Brest and Grodno regions. Grant manager. Ecotourism Advisor, sub-contractors and sub-recipients;

vii. Prepare and submit payment requests with proper support documentation to UNDP

viii.     Provide necessary financial and logistical support to the PM and project consultants in conducting different project activities.

  1. Collect and keep files of project documents, expert reports and ensure general circulation of documents;
  2. Maintain the project’s disbursement ledger and journal;

Provide financial monitoring and reporting focusing on achievement

of the following results:

  1. Provide financial support to ensure an effective running of the project management unit in compliance with UNDP rules, regulations and policies of financial activities, financial recording/ reporting system;
  2. Provide follow-up on audit recommendations (including GoU Audit recommendations);

iii. Implement effective internal controls and ensure proper functioning of a client-oriented financial resources management system due to the UNDP and GoU procedures;

  1. Contribute to preparation of periodic financial reports required by relevant national and/or donor procedures for project, donors, government and other parties involved in implementation and funding of activities due to the UNDP and GoU procedures;
  2. Interact with UNDP to request funds transfer, verify financial reports, budget revisions;
  3. Provide financial monitoring over project commitments and expenditures, and assist the PM in assuring proper project delivery;

vii. Interact v/ith sub-recipient organizations in facilitation and preparation of the financial reports and other related documentation, directing and consulting of sub-recipients on proper reporting tools;

viii.     Draft documents for comprehensive evaluations in line with relevant UNDP/GoU and national procedures;

  1. Draft project budget revisions;
  2. Assist in procurement of services and goods under the project.

Persons specification

  • An Honor’s Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Social Science. Social Work and Social Administration Development Studies BBA and B Com (Management)
  • Post-graduate Qualification in Project Planning. Business Administration or Finance is an added advantage
  • At least 4 years of relevant Project Planning and Management experience;
  • Excellent finance and budgeting skills;
  • Working knowledge of UNDP rules and regulations is an advantage;


  1. Self-development, initiative-taking;

Acts as a team player and facilitating team work;

Outstanding analytical, organizational and administrative skills; Remains calm, in control and good humoured even under pressure;

  1. Demonstrates strong oral and written communication skills.
  2. Demonstrates ability to monitor and take corrective action to ensure adherence to organizational values, norms and principles.





Those who are interested and meet the above requirements should

apply to the. Permanent Secretary

Ministry of Gender. Labour & Social Development, Plot 2, Simbamanyo House, George Street P.0 Box 7136, KAMPALA, UGANDA

Application Deadline 12th January 2017,11:00am

Ps. Those who had applied before need not to re-apply