Country Director

Job Description



Title: Country Director – Somalia/land
Location: Nairobi or Hargeisa
Budget responsibility: Current confirmed programme budget USD2 million
per annum and prospective overall budget USD5-10
Line management responsibility Senior programme staff
Reporting to: Head of East Africa Programme
Key relationships: •      Regional Funding Team

•      Regional Security Manager

•      Policy Advocacy & Communications Team

•      Organisational Development Unit

•      HR / Operations Division

•      Finance & Procurement Division

•      Deputy Head of East Africa Programme.

•      Regional Security Manager (Nairobi)

•      Respective Country Managers/Directors
especially in the East Africa Region

Salary range: $60,150 – $72,150 gross per year
Saferworld is an independent international organisation working to prevent violent conflict and build
safer lives. We work with local people affected by conflict to improve their safety and sense of security.
We do this by supporting effective policies and practices through advocacy, research and policy
development, and through supporting the actions of others.
Saferworld has been working in Africa since 1997, with a primary focus upon East Africa and the Horn
region. We have well-established programmes in Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan and Somalia/land. In
addition, Saferworld supports regional and international conflict prevention and security processes.
Saferworld’s headquarters are in London.
Somalia programme:  
Saferworld’s Strategy 2017-2020 for Somalia/land has three core components.
•      Enabling State building, governance and democratisation processes that are participatory,
inclusive and accountable at state and federal levels

•      Supporting the provision and implementation of security and justice services that are predicated
on the principles of fairness and are accountable, accessible and responsive to the communities
they serve

•      Influencing the role of external actors to enable participatory, inclusive and accountable
governance at state and federal levels.





Programme Leadership

•      Lead the country team in deepening Saferworld’s analysis and understanding of the Somalia
context, periodically review the country strategy; and, as appropriate, adapt it in response to
changing circumstances.

•      Lead the Somalia annual planning and strategy review processes, and contribute to Saferworld’s
wider organisational strategy development by participating in strategic planning and other cross-
organisational processes.

•      Provide programmatic leadership and advice to programme staff on participatory community
approaches, partnership models, and people-centred and community-led strategies to influence

•      Oversee the effective implementation of the country programme, including ensuring that the bi-
annual programme reviews and outcome harvesting processes are held, quality standards are
achieved, and learning informs iterative adaptation.

•      Ensure the production and timely delivery of narrative and financial reports for donors and for
Saferworld internal processes with relevant colleagues.

•      Lead on the design and development of new and on-going project initiatives and intervention
areas. Be proactive in developing creative ideas and approaches to address the programme’s
core areas of engagement, including access to security and justice; community security; conflict-
sensitive development; and inclusive, responsive, and accountable peacebuilding and State
building processes.

•      Develop and oversee formal and informal partnerships and maintain good relationships with
selected local, national, and international actors based on Saferworld’s partnership principles
and in support of Saferworld’s work in Somalia/land.

•      Promote internal lesson-learning within the Somalia/land Country Programme, and with other
Saferworld programmes, to ensure effective knowledge management on cross-organisational
thematic issues and support functions.

People management

•      Provide line management to senior programme staff. .

•      Ensure the well-being and professional development of the wider team.

•      Through cascade management, continue to build a high performing team to deliver on the goals
and objectives of the country programme.

•      Ensure high calibre staff are employed with requisite technical expertise; ensure effective and
appropriate staff recruitment processes are maintained, including inductions and regular
performance reviews; aim to achieve appropriate gender and ethnic diversity.

•      Retain and develop talent, creating an environment of continuous learning and development,
where staff are encouraged and supported to grow and develop and are willing to be held
accountable for their commitments.

•      Ensure the effective implementation of performance management and learning and development
plans; seek appropriate professional development opportunities for the team, individually and

•      Inspire team members to internalise, respect, and practice Saferworld’s core values; lead and
encourage a team culture of learning, creativity and innovation.

Finance and Operations

•      Ensure that Saferworld Somalia demonstrates good stewardship and compliance with local
legislation and directives, Saferworld’s policies and procedures, and donor procurement

•      Plan, manage, and review the country budget, using it as a tool for decision-making and

•      Review and agree quarterly financial accounts and sign off financial reports for donors.

•      Work with the in-country Finance Manager, HQ Finance Team and the Deputy Head of East
Africa to ensure that we respond appropriately and quickly to the changing environment.

•      Ensure in-country finance staff play a full role being proactive, problem solvers and working in

_______ partnership with other country staff._________________________________________________


•      Ensure annual country, programme, and/or project audits are undertaken as appropriate, in
accordance with Saferworld’s financial guidelines and in co-operation with the relevant finance
and programme teams.


•      Facilitate future programme development and ensure it is connected with the country vision and
funding plans.

•      Lead the Senior Management Team and programme staff on the design and development of
project initiatives, in collaboration with the Regional Funding Team, being proactive in
developing/encouraging creative ideas and approaches.

•      Cultivate and maintain good relations with donors.

•      Ensure grants are effectively managed according to Saferworld standards and funding protocols,
as well as donor requirements.

Safety, Security and Risk Management

•      Ensure the safety and security plans for the country programme are regularly reviewed and
updated, and all staff comply with the policies and procedures contained therein, working closely
with the Regional Security Adviser and Country Security Coordinator.

•      Maintain a programme risk analysis and, together with the SMT, review and update it regularly,
ensuring risks associated with fraud, bribery, money laundering, and reputation of Saferworld are
prevented and managed.

•      Provide duty of care for all Saferworld staff, consultants, and guests based permanently or
temporarily visiting Somalia.

•      Ensure optimum safety of Saferworld staff, consultants, interns, and volunteers as per agreed
standards and use any information/learning to guarantee safety of staff.

•      Engage with safety and security stakeholders in the UN, NGO Forum, other security
organisations, including private companies, to keep abreast of ongoing security developments.

Cross-Organisational Relations

•      Engage with Regional Heads and other Country Managers to ensure that potential
programmatic or operational synergies are maximised.

•      Coordinate closely with policy and advocacy staff in London to enable the efficient transfer of
knowledge and resources (including seconded staff) to support the achievement of the
programme’s goals and objectives.

•      Collaborate with senior management staff and others to ensure lessons learnt are utilised in
country and/or shared with the wider organisation.


•      Master’s degree (or equivalent) in international relations, political science, conflict, justice or
security studies, or a related field.

•      Proficient understanding of discourses on conflict prevention, peacebuilding, development,
governance, and security and justice sector reform, and of the international policy environment
in which these issues are addressed.

•      Excellent understanding and experience of programme, financial/budget, and operational and
HR management processes.







































•      Experienced manager (10+ years) with significant proven experience managing multi-thematic
programmes in development and/or peacebuilding/conflict prevention organisations,

•      Extensive experience of leading, mentoring, building, and developing a team of senior staff with
different backgrounds and expertise and leading change in an environment that is constantly

•      Proven experience of solving complex issues through analysis, definition of a clear way
forward, and ensuring buy-in, internally and externally.

•      Experience of living and operating in complex conflict-affected environments and experience of
managing a crisis situation requiring rapid changes to programme and operational priorities and
swift response.

•      Proven experience of building personal and professional networks at a senior-level, resulting in
securing new opportunities for the organisation. Experience of leading teams to deliver
effective, winning funding proposals.

•      Experience of managing safety and security needs in a challenging and unstable security

•      Previous experience working in/on Somalia/land and/or the region would be a distinct


Exceptional communication skills, verbal and written.


To apply: Please complete the Saferworld Application Form (a copy of which can be found at detailing how you meet the selection criteria and send it to: (Please use subject heading: Ref: SCD)

Deadline for applications: 28th January 2017