Honesty can boost your career


Getting a new job or starting a business and maintaining it are two different things. In many cases, both can be jeopardised by dishonesty. Conversely, honesty will help protect your business or your job.

Therefore, you would be better advised to keep away from lies. Former US president Abraham Lincoln once said no man has a good memory to become a successful liar, which means inconsistencies would be found out — often with disastrous consequences.

Also, Mark Van Doren, in his book Liberal education 1943, says respect for the truth protects your image and builds a close relationship with your boss.

Michelle A. Riklan and David Riklan, in their book Get ways to Enhance Your Career, agree stating that honesty promotes credibility. But truthfulness in many cases is rare at work these days. People make false promises they do not live up to.

Others cook up some excuses for their failures. Say what you mean and mean what you say and see how people will respect you because of your frankness at work. As a result of telling lies, credibility is lost, which could adversely affect one’s job.

Honesty at the workplace or in a business earns one respect, which in turn could get one promoted or have a competitive edge in the business world, Ricklan et al advise. Colleagues and customers will begin buying into your ideas and plans. Besides, the Riklans say an honest person usually creates an environment that usually encourages others to behave like him or herself.

Hayley Rose Horzepa, the inspirational writer of business stories also says an honest person easily spots and recognises dishonesty in another person. However, in a situation where dishonesty is rife at the workplace, the lines become blurred as people try to cover lies with lies and eventually they accept that as a way of life.