Undergraduate Programmes

Course Description
The Faculty since inception in 1989 has grown in terms of programmes offered and subsequently students’ numbers at undergraduate, post graduate and diploma levels.   
Realizing a need for a holistic health care and mindful of shortage of health specialties required to provide a comprehensive health care package, the Faculty of Medicine in addition to medicine introduced the following other undergraduate programmes.

Undergraduate and Diploma programs

  1. Bachelors of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery(MBchB)
  2. Bachelors of Nursing Science(Direct & Completion)
  3. Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science(Direct & Completion)
  4. Bachelors of Medical Laboratory Science(Offered at Mulago Campus- MMLC)
  5. Bachelors of Pharmacy
  6. Bachelors of Science in Physiotherapy
  7. Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  8. Diploma in HIV Prevention, Management and care hosted by Mild may
  9. Diploma in Counseling