Research about constraints and inefficiencies in transportation

Improving transport information services for more efficient transportation in Northern Uganda
Palladium is implementing NU-TEC MD (a five year DFID funded programme) that aims to increase the incomes and climate resilience of poor men and women in Northern Uganda (NU) by stimulating sustainable, pro-poor growth in selected agricultural markets and improving the position of poor men and women within these market systems, to make them more inclusive for poor people.
Palladium is interested in better understanding in more detail the key constraints and inefficiencies in transportation that affect the movement and cost of goods from farm gate (in NU) to aggregation centres in NU; from aggregation centres in NU to warehouses in NU; and from warehouses in NU out to market either within NU, to Kampala or out to other regional markets. This research will be complementary to TradeMark East Africa’s (TMEA) research on transportation constraints from Northern Uganda out to regional markets.
The researcher / research firm is expected to engage with relevant stakeholders especially from NU, Uganda and the region to develop the following;
  1. Identify the key constraints in the movement of goods (grains) from farm gate to market.
  2. Determine the types of interventions that are needed to increase the efficiency and transparency of the transport market in order to reduce the cost, ease, time, and risk of haulage for all users (farmers, traders, warehouses) and transport providers.
  3. Palladium is interested in exploring the feasibility of an information application to increase access of transportation services for farmers and storage facilities, therefore the research will also determine whether better information on goods to be transported to transporters, warehouses and buyers (for instance a smartphone application) would be able to address the constraints in transportation in Northern Uganda, leading to greater efficiencies in cost and access to markets for farmers and their goods
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